Inspiration II

Other art and artists that inspire me: 3 pen n inks by my grandfather Bob Fassett, and some GUS BOFA drawings, and much more..

After clicking on drawings, allow a few seconds for image to fully open up..

by gus bofa
by gus bofa

by gus bofaaby gus Bofaby gus bofa-candide-11by gus bofa gus boffaby gus bofaby gus bofa,

by Mathurin Méheut
by Mathurin Méheut
by Mathurin Méheut
by Mathurin Méheut fantastic Nic.De Crecy..  

by andre carrilho

by martin lewis
by martin lewis


The “S” is for Stubber. That’s my floating base of operations from which I monitor the world of literature. When books are outlawed it will become my floating Library at Alexandria, impregnable, always on the move. I will become the Captain Nemo of books!”  -C. Stafford

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