Inspirations V

More phantoms ”lighting up o’clock, sharp!” ..a few more Mucci drawings and then some images that continue to inspire me..

IM A MAKER..drawing by mucci, markers and dead brush penradgranimaw chuckerbuddy284358896402a6b1a3614a2a922c92d87aa2c2b2e850_bai_247_010420

by Yuriy Shevchuk
by Yuriy Shevchuk

dedication, to the living work. . . and rewards will follow


carmel jenkin, at work in my studiolake cresent.. Moonlight, 1896 by Ilya Repin (Russian 1844-1930)

by René Wiley
by René Wiley

by george post3b8b5517fe9062400f2d0a7573c0206c

beautful mess

by Matt Rockefeller
by Matt Rockefeller


Moonlight by David Barnes
Moonlight by David Barnes



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